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Suchi & Tom's video presentation at Soldier Songs & Voices: Reveille Songwriting Retreat
GONNA GET BACK UP - Suchi Waters Benjamin   (Step into the Light - CD)
 FREEDOM . . .  Suzee Waters Benjamin (Suchi)  from  "The Waters Edge" CD  

STEP INTO THE LIGHT - Suzee "Suchi" Waters Benjamin ... video/artwork Timothy Helgeson 

    RISE ABOVE  ~   Tom Benjamin & Suchi Waters Benjamin / The BenjaminWaters  
TOO MANY JAWBONES ~ Tom Benjamin & Suchi Waters Benjamin / The BenjaminWaters  
  MONET'S DAUGHTER ~ Tom Benjamin & Suchi Waters Benjamin /The BenjaminWaters  
   BE AT PEACE  . . .  Suzee (Suchi) Waters Benjamin from "The Waters Edge" CD  
ONE LESS APPLE  . . .  Tom Benjamin (Cosmic Circus Tent) 
OPEN UP YOUR HEART . . . Suzee Waters Benjamin (Suchi) from "The Waters Edge"  video created by Andero Pebre from Tallinn, Estonia
 SONGS & PRAYERS   . . .  Tom Benjamin  (Cosmic Circus Tent)
  I WANT TO WALK ON MARS . . . Tom Benjamin (Cosmic Circus Tent)
   COSMIC CIRCUS TENT (Album Trailer) . . . Tom Benjamin 
 SPARROW . . . Tom Benjamin from "Cosmic Circus Tent" EP
 FREEDOM . .  . Suzee Waters Benjamin (Suchi WB) from "The Waters Edge" CD  
STEP INTO THE LIGHT  (Album Trailer)  ~  Suzee Waters Benjamin (Suchi WB)  
WHEN THE WALL CAME DOWN . . . Suzee Waters Benjamin (Suchi) from "Step into the Light" 
  STEP INTO THE LIGHT HULA . . Susan Pualani Alden/hula and Suchi Waters Benjamin/song
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