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Music has the power to heal and the power to reveal deeper truths. Music has the power to inspire you when you need to be lifted up and move you when you’re emotionally stuck. Music can help you grieve your losses when you're feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Music connects our body, mind, and spirit to communicate “who we are” as we experience the primal sounds waves that sustain us and entertain us!  Music and Healing are compassionate partners essential to the human spirit because “Music is Medicine” and so much more……. 


As a singer, I can get lost in a song diving deeply into the lyrics as the melody carries me into another world.  As a songwriter, lyrics and music seem to flow through me when my soul wants to convey a message that I can share with others, if first I make a genuine connection with it myself.   


As a visual artist, listener, and lover of music, I wake up in the morning with a song running through my mind like a mantra or a prayer.  Often I wonder where it comes from, but never have I ever doubted its power to communicate and move my life towards a state of greater understanding and wholeness. 


The love of music is the glue that bonded my husband, Tom Benjamin, and I together from the first moment we met in Music City.  Now four decades later, love and music are still our glue and we share it with you hoping it will touch you as it touches us bringing fulfillment and deeper meaning into our lives. Enjoy this musical exploration and thanks for taking a moment to harmonize with us. 


Suzee "Suchi" Waters  Benjamin

It weaves together pieces of our lives

It calms us down when we're uptight

It soothes our soul and heals our mind 

Music is our lifeline


It keeps us up late at night

It sings to us and holds us tight

And when we listen it reveals our truths

It stirs our souls with rhythm and blues 



It pushes us to the brink sometimes

Then brings us back with a simple rhyme

It hums, it chants, it raps, it sings

It resonates the body with every breath it brings

It cries, it groans, it howls, it shouts

It's the eternal flame that never goes out




It's the fixer, the mixer, the sonic elixir,

It's dramatic, ecstatic, undeniably magic

It's harmonic, symphonic, hypnotic, melodic

It's the vibrating sound of every single phonic


It's rhythm, it's poetry, it's emotion in motion

It's the primal love potion that holds true devotion

It's the recitation of the sum of creation

It's the mountains, the valleys, the heavens, the oceans




It's the atoms dancing inside the sun

It's the primal sound fields ringing as ONE

It's the alpha and omega

It's the energy maker

It's the perpetual giver and beneficent taker


It's the master conductor of our lives

It's the whale songs that sing the ocean goodnight

It's the lullabies that gently rock us to sleep

It's the simple sound of a hummingbird's wings




It's the unity of one flowing through song

It's the sound waves that bind each and everyone

It's the symphony of the spheres since creation was born

It's the quantum life force behind spirit in form


It's the wind blowing through the trees

It's the waves breaking on the beach

It's you and me feeling at Peace

Universally One … Eternally Free


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