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A limited number of CDs (discs) are still available!   For more info contact:


Tapping into her southern roots with music Suchi describes as Organic Soul, STEP INTO THE LIGHT is worthy of the roots it draws from … that uniquely American mix of soul, gospel, folk, pop and country. This long awaited follow up to Suchi’s highly acclaimed CD "The Waters Edge" took her back to the Nashville recording studio of her long time friend, producer & musician, Kirby Shelstad, to collaborate on another soulful gem with the same care and attention associated with all her creative endeavors.

Accompanied by gifted musicians from Maui to Music City,  STEP INTO THE LIGHT  takes the listener on a journey of transformation from darkness to light with 12 original songs that lift you up with soul searching emotion, stir your spirit, offer healing to your heart, and reaffirm core beliefs that sustain.  From the opening breath of the title song "Step into the Light" written by Suchi WB to the final choral refrain of "I Believe," written by Don Schlitz, Benjamin expresses universal truths cut from plain spoken cloth that affirm the redemptive power of love.  Truly ...  MUSIC FOR YOUR SOUL !

MUSICIANS:   Kirby Shelstad: drums, bass, organ, synth, vibes  Pat Bergeson: electric guitars, harmonica   Cersle Kenan: piano  Kendall Greer: organ  Will Barrow: piano  Alison Prestwood: bass  Steven Sheehan: acoustic guitar  Fulton Tashombe: piano   Carol  Rabinowitz:  cello   Suchi Waters Benjamin:  lead and background  vocals:  Tom  Benjamin: guitar/vocal (duet)   Background vocals:  Kyla Jade, Maureen Murphy, Cersle Kenan, Annie Freeman, Cathy  Roberts, Wade McCurdy
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  Produced by Kirby Shelstad  &          Suzee "Suchi" Waters Benjamin


I love every single one of the songs on this CD. I love their intimacy and the flow and the variety. I love the resonant soulfulness of Suchi’s voice--sometimes rocking, sometimes poignant, sometimes just telling it like it really is. I love the musicianship and the arrangements, the amazing vocal back-ups, the CD package that includes a tribute to, and photo of, everyone that made the music. And finally I love where the music takes me, how I feel--inspired and encouraged and joyful and weepy and full of experience and possibility all at the same time. After hearing the whole CD for the first time, there was such a rich stew of emotions swirling around inside my little universe that I got in my car--with the CD playing in what is currently the best sound system I have--and took a drive through this gorgeous springtime weather while listening to it all again, and again. What fun! What a great gift to give to everyone I love. This is the CD that I have been waiting for and it's FANTASTIC!! — Anne Williams

Rarely do I come across an artist with as much soul and passion as I found on your record. Your voice literally jumped out of my speakers and  grabbed at my heart — Brooks

We are blessed by your music.  “Step into the Light” really lets the 'soul' come through the music.  It simmers beneath the surface and then rises when you least expect it — Kind regards & gratitude,  Andrew Moysey

THIS IS AN AWESOME CD!!!  I have favorites already; 'Unconditional Love' is an amazing track as is 'Step into The Light', both great pieces of writing & great recording. 'When the Wall Came Down' is growing on me big time and 'Forgive Myself' is like a classic performance that already echos of past greatness. I love the R&B feel in 'Get Back Up'.  Well done, Suzee. I am humbled and hammered by your musical talent and your willingness to power it up — Mark Germino

Suzee Waters Benjamin's CD "Step into the Light" is great!  I love the variety of music styles, from bluesy to ballads to rap.  One of my favorite songs is the duet with her husband Tom Benjamin, "You've got me where you want me" - their voices harmonize beautifully.  Suchi’s message on this CD, like on her previous one "The Waters Edge" is about love, freedom in yourself, making the world a better place through sharing that love and freedom.  I've been playing this CD every day since I got it! — Marian,  Australia

Suchi's message is deep, her voice powerful, and her talent is undeniable. I think there's a little something for everyone on this album. Suchi has called Maui home for many years, but her southern roots run deep, as evident by her music. This is MUSIC FOR THE SOUL folks!!! — Susan Alden

Come  to  The Waters Edge 
    and dream with me . . .  
A limited number of CDs (discs) are still available!   For more info contact:

The Waters Edge

The Waters Edge is a tribute to the human spirit ... a classic recording with a timeless message.


In a world filled with gifted artists, every now and again one just reaches out and tugs at your soul.  The pure and luscious sound of  Suzee Waters Benjamin (Suchi) is both an elixir for the spirit and a gift for the ear.  From the lyrics that speak to the spirit of all humankind to the delicate layers of instruments, The Waters Edge is a work of profound originality ... a perfect example of the use of music as a carrier wave of intentionality.




Suzee Waters Benjamin's THE WATERS EDGE combines a thoughtful folk pop style with engaging world-music rhythms; the powerful voiced Nashville veteran explores spiritual themes in a universal way that both inspires and restores.       

Michael McCall … Nashville Scene


THE WATERS EDGE is a work of profound originality ... a perfect example of the use of music as a carrier wave of intentionality. Suzee Waters Benjamin is a new breed of soundhealers.  THE WATERS EDGE  is both an elixir for the spirit and a gift for the ear. 

— Joshua Leeds … The Power of Sound


A wave of songs that everyone on the planet should include in their daily routines and will offer great assistance for activation and clearing. Thank you Suchi for being a part of gifting the world with these blessings and for your beautiful voice.

— Azurite Press

     All songs written by Suzee Waters Benjamin  +    
"Be At Peace & Freedom" co-written with Tom Benjamin 
  Produced by Kirby Shelstad - Nashville, TN  

No listener will stand for long at THE WATERS EDGE.  Suzee Waters Benjamin and ensemble have created a work so satisfying that it quickly and ecstatically draws listeners into the deep end of the music pool, and baths them in a rewarding resonance of rhythm, melody, and vocal erudition. This is a powerful, engaging, and delightful record.”

— Steven McFadden “Profiles in Wisdom”  

From the pulsing drumbeats of the opening track “Freedom” through the tribute to the human spirit on the title track and closing piece “The Waters Edge,” Suzee Waters Benjamin captures a spirit of expression in a sensitive nature that touches the listener deeply.  In a long line of great vocal discoveries, this is an earthy, soulful album that you will want to revisit time and time again.

— Backroads Music

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