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"Do you believe in stars,  Do you believe in the sky so dark,  or is it a  COSMIC CIRUS TENT  over a massive parking lot,   Where we’re all assigned our parts scripted from the start " . . . . . 

This lyric asks the “Cosmic” question which opens a set of six songs whose scope encompasses a wide spectrum from the vastness of space to the simplicity of a single Sparrow song:" I'm a sparrow in this life, I don’t soar too high, I don’t fly too far, I’m a quiet light not a shooting star.”
These evocative songs build a bridge from the macro to the micro; a chance to look upward and to look inward .... I Want to Walk on Mars  to Songs & Prayers and One Less Apple to My Religion is a Song. Tom Benjamin's gifts as a soulful and thoughtful songwriter are showcased in this collection of songs recorded in Nashville in the Spring of 2019 with a small group of great musicians in an intimate and creative atmosphere.
My Religion is a Song: “My religion is a song sung because it matters.  My religion is a light that shines where darkness  gathers.”
I Want to Walk on Mars: "I want to walk on Mars out there among the stars, I  want to gaze across at Venus with the Earth there in between us like a firefly in a jar." 
__Tom'sREDO#2MASTER(White)BACKING Cover7

 All songs written by Tom Benjamin

Produced by Kirby Shelstad and Suchi Waters Benjamin

  Garden Studio - Nashville, TN   

Tom Benjamin 
Suchi Waters Benjamin
Kirby Shelstad
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Jim Hoke 
Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 6.42.44 PM.jpe
The Danberrys
Kent Agee
Dorothy Daniel / Ben DeBerry

"I am fortunate to have some terrific singer/songwriter friends that support my new  album COSMIC CIRCUS TENT.   With much appreciation, I’m sharing their thoughts  with   you … check ‘em out !"   – Tom 

A limited number of CDs (discs) are still available!  For more info contact:

Beautifully performed, produced, and songs so very well written. The jukebox in my head has limited room for new music. This album is my 2019 keeper. Don Schlitz  (The Gambler, Kenny Rogers … cuts by Randy Travis, Alison Krauss, Alabama, Keith Whitley, . . . . )


I have revered Tom Benjamin as a writer and as a human for 40 years now.  I've studied his songs and learned from them, and he does not disappoint with his wonderful Cosmic Circus Tent.  Do yourself a favor and listen. Kevin Welch  (Millionaire, Chris Stapleton … cuts by Garth Brooks, Don Williams, Moe Bandy, The Judds, . . . . )

Tom Benjamin has a way of making deeply spiritual songs so matter-of-fact real that your initial response is, "Well, yeah, of course.", but---of course---you've never actually thought of it that way before. It's a good thing Tom has. Cosmic Circus Tent is all of that. These six songs will speak to you like an old friend, comforting as they challenge and challenging as they comfort. Enjoy the sparrow. — Hugh Moffatt   (Old Flames Can’t Hold A Candle To You, Dolly Parton…cuts by Johnny   Cash, Ronnie Milsap, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Merle Haggard, . . . .  )

Listening to Tom Benjamin's Cosmic Circus Tent is a six song musical walk through the Universe! His sound is his own, and there are undiscovered worlds to be found in this record. My favorite, Sparrow, is a gentle reminder of our importance in this world, no matter our status or size. To quote Tom Benjamin's, I Want to Walk on Mars, "There Are Miracles in This World!" To hear music that cuts it's own path is refreshing and satisfying, and in this day in age..a miracle!

— Jim Casey (Laid Country Back Picker, Waylon Jennings … cuts by Oak Ridge Boys, Charlie Pride, Sammi Smith, . . . )

It’s been a long time coming…something I can play when I friggin’ feel like it, or summons up on Spotify right in my kitchen when I’m loading the dish washer. Thank you sir. … It’s great to hear you again writing and singing at such an elevated level. I think Hawaii only served to enhance your creative evolution. I mean, you ain’t lost a single step, boy! Sparrow was the first song I heard and it left me paralyzed with delight. What a great concept. Then came Songs & Prayers…same thing. On and on, I can’t remember what came after that. It’s all great…and fresh…and inventive…and cool… and efficient without seeming overly organized or laborious. Very fine songs. Hearing them just makes me fuckin’ happy ! Again, thank you for the album. What a gift! — Mark Germino  (Broken Man’s Lament, Emmylou Harris…cuts by Vince Gill, Kenny Chesney, Paul Craft, . . . .)

So I have some running around to do, I grabbed your cd and brought it to listen in the car. Track 1 began playing (and) … the first line changed my attention from passive to focused. Mid-way through the verse I was smiling and turning it up. As the chorus started, and that chord change opened up my heart, I … parked and listened to the whole song. …  I just don’t know how that track could be any better. Your vocal delivers the beauty, sadness, wonder and appreciation of that gorgeous lyric perfectly. The production is haunting and engaging at the same time. Mostly I'm humbled, grateful and in admiration of how much innocent heart and unconditional love you put in every song. … It simultaneously asks me to search for deeper meaning AND accept simply what is.  That ain't easy my friend. And I don't know if I've said it, but your voice and Suchi's voice are just incredible together. — Kent Agee   (Higher Ground, Barbara Streisand … cuts by Rodney Atkins, Vanessa Williams, Del McCoury Band, . . . . ) 

A limited number of CDs (discs) are still available!  For more info contact:

    BEAUTY'S  at  the  MERCY        of  this  WORLD 

After years of music business ups and downs, extensive road gigs, odd jobs, life style changes, and an ever growing catalog of great songs, Tom hunkered down in the studio and began working on a CD of his original songs, Beauty's at the Mercy of this World. It seemed long overdue but worth the wait. This album, co-produced with Suzee Waters Benjamin (Suchi), is an eclectic mix of folk and rock while preserving the essence of Tom's soulful acoustic based songwriting. The result is an album of thirteen of Tom's songs finely crafted and deeply felt. 


Beauty's at the Mercy of this World

Tom Benjamin’s  ... Beauty's at the Mercy of this World exhibits graceful simplicity and honest emotion … an everyman aspect to his work that guarantees appeal at every angle. A folk style with a little blues and country mixed in … a gentility that brings to mind Jesse Colin Young. True-to-life lyrics without a ounce of pretense. Finding this recording is worth the search.

— MRQ (Music Reviews Quarterly)

I’ve been a fan of Tom Benjamin for twenty years. I’ve been waiting for this record for a long time. Every track was worth the wait. Great writing … Great record!

— Kevin Welch, Singer/Songwriter

Top Ten Favorite Pick Singer//Songwriter Release … The Acoustic Cafe, University of Massachusetts. 


TomMaui 2.jpeg

MUSICIANS:  (All songs written by Tom Benjamin)

Tom Benjamin:  lead vocals & acoustic guitar 

Phil Jones:  drums                                           

Charlie White:  electric guitars & acoustic guitar    

Russ Freeman:  bass, piano, organ 

Suzee Waters Benjamin:  background vocals                       

Chrislynn Lee, Phil Jones, Suzee Waters Benjamin:                        background vocals "Who is This Teacher of Mine." 



Produced by Tom Benjamin &  Suzee Waters Benjamin

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