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Tom & Suchi / The BenjaminWaters  ~  SINGLES  


LOVE THAT NEVER GOES AWAY  is a song I wrote honoring my loving Father (Gigi) and beloved husband, Tom Benjamin, who is the LOVE of my LIFE!

As my lyrics express: 

We are ONE disguised as Two  

Yes, we are ONE disguised as Two 

And ALL that’s left for me to say is 

Our Love will never go away  . . . .

In the still of the night … in the rush of the day

LOVE that Never Goes 

LOVE that Always Grows

LOVE that Never Goes Away . . . .


As we continue to count our blessings, share our love, and embrace our Oneness, I hope you too find this song meaningful.   . . .  Suchi WB



Another year has flown by with all the expected and unexpected twists and turns we prepare for and at the same time are never prepared for. Life has its own meandering ways and we have little choice but to go with the flow. I believe, however, there is one “choice” always available to us and that choice is LOVE. As the lyric says, LOVE LIVES ON and that truth is evident everywhere and everyday if you simply look for it. It’s as near as a glance outside your window or as far as you can peer into a star filled sky. 

LOVE LIVES ON in our day-to-day as each day is informed and enriched by memories of loved ones and loving times now gone by. Love is remembered and honored with the passing of time and the anniversaries we celebrate each year such as birthdays, holidays, and weddings. We are posting LOVE LIVES ON today to celebrate our 45th anniversary and to hopefully remain hyper aware of the blessings of simply being here to share it together! There is a universal truth to this song as well as a very particular focus for us each year on this day. Sharing it with you helps it resonate outward like ripples on a pond!


Thank you for listening! …. Tom & Suchi  



May and Moms, the calendar and Mother’s Day. For all of us it brings up memories, whether bitter or sweet. There’s the universal experience we all share of arriving in this world totally dependent and vulnerable. If we are lucky enough to have a caring Mom in our lives for the formative years at least (when do those end?...ha) we’re forever transformed by their presence! As the years go by and more and more Moms become memories ..., many of us find they live near the edges of our day-to-day lives, still present, still guiding, as we carry on.


SINGLE PARENT KIDS is a song honoring those Moms who for whatever reason have to carry on as single parents for their children. It’s a daunting task done unselfishly and driven by the instinct to protect and provide for their kids. It could also be a single Dad or Grandparents who step up, or it could be a foster parent. It’s the singular action of the person who LOVES that much that makes all the difference. It’s "transformative power" that can only be seen in the lives it touches.

...Tom & Suchi

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RISE ABOVE is a song that first appeared on Tom’s album, “Beauty’s at the Mercy of this World.” As the reflections of a person looking to start fresh and “rise above” past mistakes and missed opportunities, it has been reimagined from the original recording to a thoughtful soliloquy for "The BenjaminWaters." The painting that is the cover image entitled "Undercurrents" was created by Suchi and is a perfect visual companion for this song.


"With the world enveloped in so much uncertainty during recent months, this song found a new voice and meaning for both of us as we recorded it in our home  studio.  Much to consider, much to be grateful for … we all need a lift these “daze”…RISE ABOVE!"

….Tom & Suchi

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Too Many Jawbones

Suchi and Tom are announcing the release of their song TOO MANY JAWBONES now available as a single on streaming platforms and it's more timely than ever! If you don't have streaming, you can also access a preview and/or download here on their music website: “The BenjaminWaters” 

The song is essentially about the excessive amount of meaningless verbiage we are all subjected to these days/daze! As the lyrics say: ”I’ll tell you what’s the problem with the world today, too much talk and not enough to say … too many jawbones, not enough backbones…too much big talk, not enough walk the walk…too many houses, not enough real homes… too much who cares, not enough hand sewn…”  Suchi had a lot of fun creating a video giving imagery to the lyrics and expression to the quirky soul of this song written by Tom.  (check out the video link below) 

Hope you enjoy it in the spirit with which it was made….Tom & Suchi

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#2Monet Portrait (framed).jpg

Monet's Daughter  is a song imagined and written by Tom Benjamin inspired by the truth and beauty that surrounds the way Claude Monet viewed the world and our place in it.  The simplicity of the line: "We are here and then we're gone, like a touch of blue on a Monet pond" reflects this truth.   Suchi & Tom recorded an intimate voice and guitar version of Monet's Daughter at their home. Suchi put beautiful harmonies on the chorus giving the song a feel that expresses the other worldliness of Monet’s Impressionist paintings.  If you want to read more about the story behind this song and the “Circle of Life” it represents, visit the TALK-STORY/Blog link. 

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When Troubles Come Around 

We felt the call to share WHEN TROUBLES COME AROUND  as our first single for you to listen to & download for $1.30 with all proceeds going to MusiCares which provides a safety net of critical assistance for our music community in times of need such as these.  This song written by Tom Benjamin and sung by Suchi Waters Benjamin is a tribute to those that have lost their lives to the coronavirus and those that continue to persevere in light of this pandemic’s transformative impact on life as we know it on this planet. 

The Recording Academy and its affiliated charitable foundation MusiCares have established the COVID-19 Relief Fund to help our peers in the music community affected by this pandemic.  Please help us keep the music community alive and thriving, giving it as much as it gives us.
MusiCares         relief fund.png
  All proceeds from the sale of this single
        When Troubles Come Around
   will go to support musicians in need. 
May we all continue to "Find inner strength & inner light ... When Troubles Come Around." 
Peace be with you .... Suchi & Tom   
 The story behind this song is shared on our TALK-STORY/Blog post:
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