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Too Many Jawbones

It’s a DIY world around this house these days and that may or may not be a good thing? While our wonderful neighbors brought home a brand new baby boy this week, Suchi and I have been birthing a song about too much verbiage these days in the form of TOO MANY JAWBONES. You’ll see & hear what I’m talking about in the live video for the song. This process is not for the faint of heart. Feels like back in the day when we kids went out in the backyard and “created” all kinds of worlds (mainly in our heads) with a minimum of props (aka, sticks, boxes, etc). All good fun then and honestly good fun all these years later too.  I sure appreciate Suchi’s due diligence & creative ability to put all the pieces together so we can share it with you. Not an easy assignment!  As a visual artist, she dove deep into creating graphics and a video to give imagery to the lyrics and expression to the quirky soul of this song.

Hope you enjoy it in the spirit with which it was made….Tom & Suchi

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Monet's Daughter  is a song imagined and written by Tom Benjamin inspired by “the truth and beauty that surrounds the way Claude Monet viewed the world and our place in it.”  Tom conveys that his lyrics such as these flowed forth naturally “like a touch of blue on a Monet pond.”  Suchi & Tom recorded an intimate voice and guitar version of Monet's Daughter at their home. Suchi put beautiful harmonies on the chorus giving the song a feel that expresses the other worldliness of Monet’s Impressionist paintings.  If you want to read more about the story behind this song and the “Circle of Life” it represents, visit the TALK-STORY/Blog link. 

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We felt the call to share WHEN TROUBLES COME AROUND  as their first single for you to listen to & download for $1.50 with all proceeds going to MusiCares which provides a safety net of critical assistance for our music community in times of need such as these.  This song written by Tom Benjamin and sung by Suchi Waters Benjamin is a tribute to those that have lost their lives to the coronavirus and those that continue to persevere in light of this pandemic’s transformative impact on life as we know it on this planet. 
The Recording Academy and its affiliated charitable foundation MusiCares have established the COVID-19 Relief Fund to help our peers in the music community affected by this pandemic.  Please help us keep the music community alive and thriving, giving it as much as it gives us.
           All proceeds from the sale of this single
  When Troubles Come Around
     will go to support musicians in need. 
May we all continue to "Find inner strength & inner light ... When Troubles Come Around." 
Peace be with you .... Suchi & Tom   
 The story behind this song is shared on our TALK-STORY/Blog post:
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