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When Troubles Come Around

It’s a cool rainy day in Nashville, April 12, 2020 on Easter Sunday. Everything has been shuttered for days and weeks now and it never seemed more so than today. Suchi and I have been hunkered down staying engaged with creative projects, teaching online, and home recordings. Life with family is a ZOOM affair on occasions making the distance less distant and then again more so in some ways. With this background in mind, Suchi and I have recorded a song I wrote that seemed to want to come out of the shadows and be heard. The song discovered Suchi, as she will tell you, and we began playing it together. It speaks to these times we’re all experiencing across this country and the world. We decided to do a “home recording” of the song because that’s where we all are these days (at home)! Having Suchi’s voice on any song is a songwriter’s dream, so I’m dreaming again! I put the guitar tracks down and she did all the vocals. It’s the story of life, of all our lives since the day we opened our eyes to this world moving toward the day we will close them as well. A tribute to those we’ve lost but who remain forever with us in the mystery of life playing out all around us. So, the rain has picked up, there was a burst of thunder, a lightning flash and then, right outside my upstairs window the solitary song of a single songbird…no kidding…I guess we’re going to be ok! .....Tom

In the midst of our personal quarantine, I woke up one morning with Tom’s song, "When Troubles Come Around," singing to me instead of me singing it. Certainly not the first time this has happened, but indeed, a “wake-up call” I deeply respect and pay close attention to as I listen with all my heart. The message was crystal clear that Tom & I needed to share this song with others. We wanted to share it as a tribute to those that have lost their lives to the coronavirus and those that continue to persevere in light of this pandemic’s transformative impact on life as we know it on this planet. So, as Tom stated, we made a “do it yourself” (DIY) recording to share with others and offer the proceeds to "MusiCares" which provides a safety net of critical assistance for music people in times of need. The Recording Academy and its affiliated charitable foundation "MusiCares" have established the COVID-19 Relief Fund to help our peers in the music community affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, we invite you to listen to When Troubles Come Around and if you feel called to do so, please download it for $1.00 and all the collective proceeds will go to "MusiCares" to help keep the music community alive and thriving, giving it as much as it gives us. ..... Suchi

We wish you well and leave you with this song’s parting lyrics which has become my daily mantra: “Find inner strength, Find inner light … When Troubles Come Around.”

PEACE BE WITH YOU …. Tom & Suchi / The BenjaminWaters


Music & lyrics by Tom Benjamin

Troubles come

And pass away

Life simply moves that way

It's what you do, not what you say

When troubles come around

Storms of life

Are seldom kind

Yet people say they often find

An inner strength, an inner light

When troubles come around


All I hope is you can find me

All I hope is I can be found

All I know, are the ties that bind us

Reach beyond this earthly realm...

And if I don't

Return to you

In the flesh and blood you pray I do

You need to know I'm there with you

When troubles come around

(repeat - Bridge )

(repeat - 1st verse)

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Find inner strength ... Find inner Light

When troubles come around


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