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Cultivating Compassion

This poem, song, and story grew out of my deep desire to learn to cultivate and embody an "Open Heart and Compassionate Mind" that co-exist in harmony with the Unified Field of Consciousness that sustains our Being. Each day offers more opportunities and challenges to grow and glow for even on the darkness night the stars still shine and the light we house continues to guide us home.

Recently this desire led me to participating in an online class at Stanford University. The class consisted of a diverse global group of kindred spirits who were drawn together to expand their awareness with the aide of this Compassion Cultivating Training workshop (CCT). My poem "Cultivating Compassion" emerged from this experience. My song "Open Up Your Heart" was written years ago, but still feels just as relevant today as it did then . . . at least to me, anyway!

One thing is for sure, the process of "aging" and "saging" are intimately connected with the transformative powers of life. Wisdom emerges out of the struggles of daily living and the gifts that come from those blessed "Aha" moments of realization when our Body/Mind/Spirit act as ONE! Like a choral group of harmonizing voices, those sacred moments of UNITY are timeless powered by the primal sound waves that sustain us Eternally! . . . Suchi WB

My song "Open Up Your Heart" emerged out of my concern for Planet Earth and it's inhabitants.


by Suzee "Suchi" Waters Benjamin

I want to live in the forest

Be friends with the trees

Build myself a tree house

And reside there quietly

Longing for a peaceful nest

Amongst the birds and bees

Deeply rooted in the earth

A place to seed my dreams

Some of them are small and others are quite vast

Some live in the present others embrace the past

Somedays my vision’s cloudy, some nights it’s crystal clear

I am not lost in illusion just alluding my own fear

I want to reach for the heavens while anchored to the earth

Remembering my connection and the reason for my birth

To be here now and to be here forever

To be a bridge that unites the great divides we’ve severed

The time clock is ticking in this Timeless Universe

What a paradox it displays so unified and so diverse

I don’t feel I’m finished YET here on Planet Earth

As I ponder what’s next while accessing my own worth

Not measuring it in dollars but investing it in dreams

Musing with the ‘Art of Living’ while planting soulful seeds

I know our life is sculpted based on our beliefs

Filtering our perspective to match what we perceive

The Law of Attraction manifests Action

The Law of Distraction creates Reaction

The Balance of Power finds TRUTH in Satisfaction

The Power of LOVE Cultivates Compassion

Following our passion requires finding our voices

Accepting our fate while fine tuning our choices

Discovering who we are and acknowledging our place

While Embodying our Gifts and Embracing our Grace

Embodying our Gifts and Embracing our Grace

While “Cultivating Compassion” is how we Find our Place!


by Suzee Waters Benjamin (Suchi)

OPEN UP YOUR HEART is a song about the struggles of life and the choices we make as to how we deal with these "Great Divides." An OPEN HEART & COMPASSIONATE MIND is a powerful portal for "Hope, Love, & Unity" to help us navigate through the seas of confusion re-membering we are "Brothers of the Sun, Sisters of the Light, our Mother is the Earth, our Father is the Sky. Let us dance together - it’s time to Re-UNITE."


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