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As currents of change continue to ebb & flow, sometimes “uplifting” while other times “down-shifting,” they affect each & all of us in unique and different ways! Some are inspired to go with the flow and embrace the changes where ever they go! Others find themselves lost and alone wondering where to call home? Polarized feelings of outrage, blame, shame, desperation are met with counter feelings of hope, compassion, curiosity, determination. One thing is for sure, when we all look back at the Global Pandemic of 2020 & 2021, we’ll see what doors closed, what we left behind, and what doors opened offering new pathways and lifelines.

So many residences of this planet have moved on to higher ground, leaving behind their beloved friends and family to seed new dreams and redefine their lives. Still being in the midst of these turbulent & transformative times, emotions are raw sparking questions that are searching for answers in our hearts & souls. People have been knocked around & down yet they remain determined to get back up, to rise above, to embrace these ascending waves while reaching for more LOVE & GRACE!

With these thoughts and feelings moving through me, I found myself co-creating with my inner guidance an acrylic painting called: “Ascending Waves.” I could feel the uplifting waves moving through me as this painting found expression. It was, indeed, activating illuminating sparks of awareness while ushering in “dreamseeds” of an expanded & unified existence. This brought to mind the lyrics to Tom’s song: GONNA GET BACK UP which I recorded on my “Step into the Light” album. Like a mantra, when it comes down to “it” …. ultimately, “it’s” ALL about the Uplifting Power of LOVE.

With that in mind, may we all find ways to “Get Back Up” to embrace the essential essence of more sweet sweet LOVE …. cause it’s ALL about LOVE! ❤️ SUCHI & TOM


Tom Benjamin - Music/Lyrics

Ain’t given up my dreams

Long as I can breathe

Ain’t given up my ground

Gonna plant my seeds

If I get knocked down

In the dirt and the dust

I’m gonna get back up

Gonna Get Back Up

Ain’t given up hope

Ain’t given up my song

Ain’t given up love

As I travel on

And if I stumble

As I surely must

I’m gonna get back up

Gonna Get Back UP


I’m gonna get back on my feet again

‘Cause I know where I’m bound

I’m gonna get back on my feet again

Won’t let nobody, won’t let nobody

Turn me around, turn me around

Ain’t given up the keys

To the kingdom come

Ain’t given up the glory

'Til my song is sung

When I’m feeling down

And I’ve lost the love

I’m gonna get back up

Gonna Get Back


It’s all about LOVE…

Sweet Sweet Love

It’s ALL about LOVE …

© Branch Creek Music


GONNA GET BACK UP ... Click on link below to listen:

Digital Downloads & CD's available on our website:


In addition to our album downloads, for those who would like to support our creative efforts as singer/songwriters, the last 4 singles we have co-created: RISE ABOVE, TOO MANY JAWBONES, MONET'S DAUGHTER, and WHEN TROUBLES COME AROUND are now available to digitally download on "The BenjaminWaters" music website for $1.50 at this link:



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