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MONET’S DAUGHTER is a song I wrote after the experience of viewing Claude Monet’s Impressionist paintings at various museums over the years. His connection with nature and his ability to communicate that connection has always spoken to me. 

I wanted to write something about Monet, his creativity and its influence on people around the world. Those that know Monet’s personal story know he had two sons with his first wife Camille who passed away leaving him with their boys. He later married his second wife, Alice, who had 6 children, one with Monet. Within that second family were Alice’s sons and daughters who became Monet’s stepchildren. One of those daughters, Blanche, was a companion and painter mentored by Monet and later married his son, Jean. Blanche watched over Monet until the end of his life.  

As I thought about this, the words “Monet’s daughter” just rolled out one day and felt so right to me it started to write itself. I took a leap and went ahead with a story that I imagined. It’s a story of the “Circle of Life” many of us experience during the time we spend on this earth. That circle plays out in the lyrics which reveal the care, innocence, teachings, and trust between a parent and child … to the end. 

The truth and beauty that surrounds the way Monet viewed the world and our place in it came as naturally as the line “like a touch of blue on a Monet pond.” He famously painted water lily ponds at his garden in Giverny, France. Toward the end of his life as he experienced failing eyesight, Monet painted willow trees. Often reflected in his ponds, those willow trees were his way of honoring soldiers who lost their lives in World War I - “The Great War.” All of these images and his approach to plein air landscape painting influenced the lyrics of this song. 

During the last few months of Covid hibernation we’re all experiencing, Suchi and I recorded a voice and guitar version of MONET'S DAUGHTER at our house. Suchi put beautiful harmonies on the chorus giving the song a feel that expresses the other worldliness of Monet’s Impressionist paintings.

I hope you like it. It feels appropriate to share in the month we celebrate “World Daughter’s Day” and honor our own daughter, Tyler, and daughter-in-law, Mimma. MONET’S DAUGHTER is given as a gift for the coming Fall and the natural changes we all can feel in the air and in our bones.  Life is good when you get to the heart of things!    ….Tom


Tom Benjamin ~ music / lyrics

Colors drift across the room

On sunlight through a window shade

As sleepy eyes awaken

And tiny arms stretch to greet the day

Then the door slowly opens

And a silhouette appears

Bringing flowers from the garden

And a new toy from the market

These were the things he brought her, Monet's daughter

Look outside your window

Paint the world you see

Light and shadow on the surface

Underneath the mystery

Then the door slowly opened

She saw the world differently

Brushstrokes of broken colors

Reflections harmony

These were the things he taught her ... Monet's daughter

We are here.... then we're gone...

Like a touch of blue... on a Monet pond

She watched over her father

When his sight began to fade

As he painted weeping willows

To honor soldiers who were slain

Then the door slowly opened

She saw the end was near

She brought flowers from the garden

And placed them by his bedside

The last time he saw her ... Monet's daughter

We are here.... then we're gone...

Like a touch of blue... on a Monet pond

These were the things he taught her ... Monet's daughter


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