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OPEN UP YOUR HEART is a song I wrote sometime ago which has repeatedly resurfaced recently expressing truths that seem more relevant than ever ... giving musical voice to our need to Re-UNITE! First released on my album “The Waters Edge” produced by Kirby Shelstad, this song’s core values have stood the test of time. I am honored that its message continues to travel the globe touching hearts along the way while getting to “the HEART of what truly matters.” LOVE is the harmonizing essence of life and HATE is its divisive opposite. Love & Unity are essential guides in helping us navigate through seas of confusion to re-member that living a peaceful, purposeful, and unified existence transcends racism. This is not just a dream, but IT IS TIME to WAKE-UP so this dream can become reality. In simple and direct ways, the lyrics to OPEN UP YOUR HEART expose the patterns we continue to re-create as individuals, nations, and global societies. It brings to our awareness what we must overcome and embrace in our quest to achieve UNITY.


Suzee "Suchi" Waters Benjamin - music/lyrics

Millions of people are living on the edge Watchin’ their dreams die, hearing lies and more lies Are these the final days the prophets have pronounced Or is there still time to turn this world around Open Up Your Heart … Open Up Your Heart We’ve got a history of hate, a history of war Separation, segregation, bigotry and more Tradition holds on tight, we fight and fight and fight But how can we keep score when LOVES the only door Open Up Your Heart … Open Up Your Heart Is nothing innocent or sacred anymore

Do we kill the fatted calf just to see the gore Do we help the homeless or ship them shore to shore The fact that we are one cannot be ignored Open Up Your Heart … Open Up Your Heart We are all members of the rainbow tribe Brothers of the sun, Sisters of the light Our Mother is the earth, our Father is the sky Let us dance together…it’s time that we Unite. Open Up Your Heart … Open Up Your Heart

© copyright, “The Waters Edge” Album, Suzee Waters Benjamin  - music/lyrics

© copyright, Branch Creek Music. All Right Reserved                                                             

~ click on link to view video ~

This video was created by Andero Pebre from Tallinn, Estonia with OPEN UP YOUR HEART as the sound track.  Andero's words & images speak deeply to what is transpiring in Africa and around the world.

“Unite doesn't mean my land is your land, or my home is your home. It means that different races respect each other and cooperate with each other. We are human beings but different cosmic races or colours, sharing the same planet. We are sharing the same problems but carry different happiness. Africa has never been poor, unfortunately  some "people" are stealing its wealth. Africa is the richest continent in natural resources. It is the land of amazing tribes and culture. Stop destroying it! Let it be as it is. Some day it will rise from the dust and will be the landmass of paradise.”     

… Andero Pebre / Tallinn, Estonia


An organization that has consistently led the way to making positive change while acknowledging the truth of the old saying, “United We Stand / Divided We Fall,” is SEARCH FOR COMMON GROUND (SFCG - is actively bridging that divide as the world’s largest dedicated peacebuilding organization, with a 40 year track record of enabling individuals, societies, and institutions to find alternatives to violence.

SFCG is a worldwide community of more than 600 Searchers, 89% of whom work in their native country fostering an organizational culture based on respect and accountability. It’s what makes them credible, trustworthy partners in communities around the globe. It’s what enables each one of them to do their job with integrity. It’s why their staff is empowered to affect positive change in the midst of some of the world’s toughest violent conflicts. SFCG’s MISSION and day-to-day work are guided by these values— hope, humanity, empathy, inclusivity, and impartiality.

This is SFCG’s current statement on the tensions in the US:  

“We can support efforts that bring people together across society’s dividing lines to create a shared vision of the future. Ultimately, the best way to dismantle unjust systems is to work together to build just systems. This is the core of our work at SEARCH FOR COMMON GROUND. For us, collaboration is critical because it builds trust and solidarity at the same time as it “works the problem”. It also recognizes that the system that has been failing to protect the safety and uphold the dignity of our fellow citizens is as much “us” as it is the institutions in front of which many are now protesting. Enduring change will only come when we evolve both our culture and our institutions to reflect racial justice. The power to do so rests in our hands.”

… Shamil Idriss (CEO) & Isam Ghanim (President) of SFCG

To this statement I would add, “power” not only rests in our hands but also in our hearts & souls. When each one of us can “Open Up Y(our) Heart(s),” we will naturally begin to reflect these lyrics and co-create this reality.

We are all members of the rainbow tribe

Brothers of the sun, Sisters of the light

Our Mother is the earth, our Father is the sky

Let us dance together … it time that we UNITE!

Open Up Your Heart …. Open Up Your Heart

May LOVE & COMPASSION Prevail Co-Creating UNITY!

. . . Suchi WB


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