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To RISE ABOVE the UNDERCURRENTS flowing so deeply & chaotically these days is not only challenging, but also unpredictable. It is intriguing to discover the messages these "undercurrents" carry as they arise from within and take various forms. One way they continue to surface in our lives is by creatively giving voice to how we feel about the world around us. For me (Suchi), that became a poem I recently wrote entitled ASCENSION INTERVENTION which also brought forth the image of a painting I created when living on Maui, Hawaii called UNDERCURRENTS. For Tom, it brought forth the message from the song RISE ABOVE from his album "Beauty's at the Mercy of this World". Together as "The BenjaminWaters," we reimagined this song and recorded it in our home studio. With the world enveloped in so much uncertainty during recent months, revisiting thoughts and feelings can offer new perspectives on life. My reflections repeatedly unveil that ... creativity never dies; although invisible sometimes it lies beneath the surface of our lives, just waiting for its time to RISE & SHINE ... SHINE & RISE!

With that inspiration in our hearts and minds, Tom & I are sharing a poem, a painting, a song & lyrics hoping you find them meaningful as we ALL attempt to RISE & SHINE!




Suchi Waters Benjamin / 2020

What’s going on inside of me

My gut’s upset and I don’t know why

I just can’t digest this way of life

Could it be it’s time to say goodbye?

But to Who, What, Where & Why?

. . . I can’t decide!

Is it my current home space that I love & admire?

Is it my inability to relate to a world on fire?

Is it my irate feelings in this pandemic time?

Is it trying to be a visionary with eyes that are blind?

Days & Nights are tethered and torn

In a quest to resolve conflict and scorn

Haunting shadows surface to reveal

Historic traumas unheard and unhealed

Life-Fulfilling dreams cry to be reborn

Like the mysteries of history unresolved for way too long

Playing out in dramatic ways

Battling rights & wrongs each day

Protesters & politicians perpetually collide

Over facts & truths that cannot be denied

It is time to find ways to reunite

To honor our Nation and cross our Great Divides

Our collective guts churn & burn with steam

Confusion is the story … Dissolution is the theme

Who knows what goes on behind the scenes

But I get a taste of outer space playing with our screens

Zoom up, Zoom in, Zoom ALL about

Transcending multiple dimensional routes

Interwoven with Earth through pathways & portals

Opening connections to life that’s immortal

The 'Primal Life Force' sustaining evolution

Must build bridges that lead to lasting solutions

And NOW they are here … Starseeds in the flesh

Actualizing ascension & evolutionary paths

Planting dreamseeds that lead to open portals

Knowing we’re meant to BE eternal and immortal

I need some open space to expand and take action

To align with Creation through the Law of Attraction

Anchored to the Earth through my own inner-action

Purposefully participating with Soulful-Satisfaction


Every ounce of Truth you serve

Every gram of Space persevered

Anchors the Law of ONE on Earth

Eternally aligning with Peaceful Rebirth

To Fulfill Cosmic Harmony in the UNIVERSE


~ Click on link to listen to the song: RISE ABOVE ~


For those who would like to support our creative efforts as singer/ songwriters, the last 4 singles we have co-created: RISE ABOVE, TOO MANY JAWBONES, MONET'S DAUGHTER & WHEN TROUBLES COME AROUND are now available to digitally download on THE BENJAMINWATERS music website for $1.50 at this link:



Tom Benjamin – music/lyrics

Gonna beat a song out of this highway

Make a man out of this dust

Make amends to those who've loved me

Rise above

Gonna find the truth and I will live it

Pass the flame that's passed to me

Sleep as sound as a new born

Rise above, rise above

Gonna rise above, rise above....

Gonna throw a stone into still waters

Rock the cradle rob the grave

Keep it steady I'll be ready

Rise above

Gonna find a way to cool this fever

Find a way to calm this fright

Gonna jump this wall at midnight

Rise above, rise above

Gonna rise above, rise above....

I'm gonna write my life story

Then I'm gonna put it to a match

Burn all these illusions

Rise Above

Gonna walk down by the river

When fall is in the air

To admire its creator

Rise Above

Gonna rise above, rise above, rise above ....


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