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The Waters Edge

THE WATERS EDGE song & album by Suzee Waters Benjamin (Suchi) is a tribute to the human spirit and a perfect example of how music is a carrier wave of intentionality.

Linking this song to bring attention to TOUCH THE WATER Day is something I felt called to do in honoring this annual global event on August 20th aimed at bringing to the forefront of our awareness the element we ALL have in common that sustains us on this planet daily … WATER. The Earth is a watery place! About 71 percent of Earth’s surface is water-covered and the oceans hold about 96.5 percent of all the Earth’s water. The amount of water in the human body ranges from 50 - 75% depending on age. The sustaining and unifying potential of WATER when consciously infused with Love & Gratitude is both unlimited and uncharted.

TOUCH THE WATER Day is a brief but profound moment to come together and honor the EVER FLOWING LIFE FORCE that renews us daily. The WATERS OF LOVE & LIFE! Take a moment to literally “Touch the Water” within and around you to acknowledge the Unity we share as inhabitants of Planet Earth sustained by the fluidity of the liquid light and primal sound fields. This can be done in anyway, shape, or form powered by the Principle of Unity.

I offer my song/prayer THE WATERS EDGE as a melodic carrier wave that honors the sacred gifts of our Creator and the power of Peace, Love, and Joy that exist deep within our hearts and souls. Let us TOUCH THE WATER with Gratitude not just one day a year but EVERYDAY! ~ Suchi WB


by Suzee Waters Benjamin (Suchi)

Great Spirit above and below us

Your power is everything we see

Great Spirit around and within us

Your love is everything that breathes

May our hearts be as light

. . . as the winged ones

Our trust as strong as the stones

Our vision as vast as the ocean

Our truth as bright as the sun

For all these blessings

. . . we give thanks

Teach us the sacred and the true

Help us to find our way back home

Into our hearts with you

Into our hearts with you

Come to The Waters Edge

Where the land meets the sea

Come to The Waters Edge

And dream with me . . . .

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